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UX Design. UI Design

UX Design. UI Design

It all begins with the discovery phase, but not any kind of discovery, we are talking about the real  in-depth analysis. We are going to look at the data available, the audience, identify risks, the branding manual, together with their guidelines and restrictions, identify all the potential pain points, and document every single detail in a unique model of absolutely necessary documents throughout the development phase, and beyond into the post launch phase. Well designed user experience is absolutely critical to the success of any web and mobile application
iOS Android Applications

iOS/ Android Applications

With over 9+ years experience in mobile development, our company specializes in delivering premium native design and development of intuitive, scalable and secure iOS and Android applications. Delivering multiple successful projects over the years have left a valuable work process that allows us to be extremely efficient between the technical backend developers and the frontend.
Custom Web Development

Custom Web Development

Every single project that we work on includes a mix of multiple technologies. Working as full stack web developers for more than 14+ years, we have interacted multiple times with the majority of the major technologies. During the discovery phase our main goal is to identify the best technologies to achieve our customer’s goal. We provide a complete pros and cons analysis and recommend the most suited technology for the budget, timeline and client’s long term goals.
Deployment. Maintenance

Deployment. Maintenance

Most development companies underestimate the importance of deployment or, even more, the post launch support. We begin these conversations early on, during discovery, so no assumptions are left out from the overall delivery of the project. Setting up the production environment, together with the staging, and making sure that all testing parameters are properly met, leads to a smooth launch. Immediate post launch testing is another critical step that plays a big role into our process and the success of any serious platform go live. Through maintenance, any application benefits from constant updates and improvements, and also retains the same team connected with the code and the overall project, which has been proven many many times very crucial.

648 Group: Who We Are

No company can afford not to move forward. We started back in early 2000s as a digital agencies and matured into a full stack software company.

648 Group specializes in premium design and development of web and mobile applications for innovative companies of all sizes. The company main offices are in Bucharest, Romania and Aliso Viejo, CA together with our sales offices in Atlanta, GA and London, UK. Our client list includes Netflix, Atlanta Airport, Dell Inc., Farmers Insurance, EuroTire OTR, Samsung, ING Bank, Raiffeisen Group, Ringier Group, Creative Technologies and many others.



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Tangible Deliverables

Every project that is completed by 648 Group gets a set of documents that are crucial going forward and are most valuable for your team:

  • Product Requirement Document (PRD)
  • Screens flow
  • Wireframes
  • User stories
  • UI – Mockups and style guide proposals
  • Low Level Specs(LLS)
  • Final UI Design
  • Technical Design Document
  • Recommendation Document for Phase II, Maintenance, Phase III
  • QA Test Plan


Quality Transparency

This is a key measurement not only of our code but also through our recruiting processes. We do not look for cutting corners or compromises on the quality of the applications that we build for you. We understand that quality of work and transparency build solid long term business relationships, and that is what we are looking for the most.


Competitive Pricing

Based on the market analysis that we constantly do our rates are very competitive. We are the go to company behind many advertising agencies, and they make very good margins, and that is absolutely fine with us.


Experienced Team

With a presence in both European and North American markets, and servicing a multitude of key industries verticals, we bring relevant valuable insights to every project that we work on. Check below a few of the testimonials that we received from some of our recently completed projects.



  • “648 have been fantastic at understanding our complex requirements throughout various projects, asking the right questions, coming up with suitable solutions in critical situations and providing comprehensive as well as timely support. I would highly recommend working with 648 anytime.”

    PHM, Project Manager
  • “The app looks great and is the realization of the blood, sweat, and tears of a lot of stakeholders, not the least of which is you and your 648 Group team.  Thanks for doing such a stupendous job and for hanging in there from the first phase/iteration, through the wire framing—which turned out to be not only worthwhile, but also essential—through the search for acceptable wayfinding, etc.

    I think that this app with its one-of-a-kind features, e.g., Shopping Helper and Boarding Countdown, along with its intuitive ease-of-use, can quickly become very popular, if not the standard for all future airport apps worldwide.

    Thanks again for all you did for us.”

    Atlanta Airport, Doug S., Innovation Manager
  • “I would like to take a moment and recommend 648 Group for your development needs. Fuseideas has worked with this company for over 4 years and they are our “go to” for mobile app development. The team is responsive to our needs and always does great work. You would be lucky to have them as a vendor. Top notch work! ”

    Fuseideas, Dennis F., CEO
  • “648 and Heilbrice have worked together on various Web and iOS projects over the past few years and their team have always performed beyond the expectations set forth by us and/or the clients. 648 Team will estimate accurately both time and costs and deliver on the estimate he provides. I highly recommend working with 648 on your projects.”

    Heilbrice, Tim R. – CTO

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